About Our Company

Fontana Artificial Limb & Brace Inc was founded in 1975 by Keith W. Wood. As an amputee himself since the age of eight, Keith realized the impact the loss of a limb, or any disability, had on not only the patient, but the patient's family. With this in mind, Fontana Artificial Limb & Brace Inc was founded as a family-friendly company that treats people with compassion and empathy with the ultimate goal of increasing their quality of life.

Today, Fontana Artificial Limb & Brace Inc is operated by Jeff W. Wood, CP. As a second generation practitioner, Jeff has grown up in the industry receiving his prosthetic certification in 1993. Jeff is a dedicated professional, who genuinely cares about providing a superior product and service, as well as continuing Keith's family friendly philosophy.

Working with You

We work closely with all members of the rehabilitation team and other healthcare specialists to provide solutions to the patients’ specific O&P needs. Patient involvement is also highly encouraged to maximize functionality.

FALB Benefits:

• Free Consultations & Evaluations
• Treatment on a Personal Level
• Flexible Appointments
• Generous Time for Professional Appointments
• Full Instructions on All Devices Delivered
• Follow-up Care
• Payment Plans
• Personal On-Site Lab to Ensure Timeliness & Quality Products

 Contact us in Fontana, California, to let our prosthetic care experts provide you with the best.