Life-Changing Prosthetic Artificial Limbs

Person with Artificial Limb - Artificial Limbs

Add more convenience to your life when you have a disability with artificial prosthetic limbs and braces from Fontana Artificial Limb & Brace Inc in Fontana, California. We make sure you are happy with our help and your new product.

Products & Services:

• Cosmetic Covers • Custom-Made Orthotics • Prosthetic Equipment • Prosthetic & Artificial Limbs

Prosthetic Products:

• Lower Extremity—Below Knee (Transtibial) & Above Knee (Transfemoral)

• Upper Extremity—Above Elbow (Transhumeral) & Below Elbow (Transradial)

Orthotic Products:

• Cervical (Rigid & Soft Collars) • Spinal (Iso, Tiso, & Body Jackets)

Lower Extremity:

• Knee Braces (Neoprene or Custom)
• AFO (Plastic, Metal, or Hybrid)
• KAFO (Plastic, Metal, or Hybrid)
• Abduction Braces
• Contracture Management
• Fracture Bracing
Upper Extremity:
• Numeral & Forearm
• Wrist Splints
• Thumb Spicas
• Contracture Management
Pedorthic Products:
• Custom-Molded Shoes
• Diabetic Footwear
• Diabetic Accommodative Insoles
• Functional Foot Orthotics
• Shoe Modifications (Lifts, Rockers Soles, & Wedges)


Contact us in Fontana, California, to find out more about our artificial prosthetic limbs.